Hi Class was established in 2019 by Robert Cirasella and Kevin De Sousa with the intention of channeling their knowledge and experience within the cannabis community into a legal cannabis brick and mortar. Robert and Kevin have been close friends since the age of 6 and have always had the ambition to co-own a business; and when the government of Ontario announced its plans to open retail store applications to the public, they took the opportunity.

Robert Cirasella is an entrepreneur with over ten years experience in the cannabis culture industry. From managing and purchasing inventory for some of the most iconic culture shops in Canada to travelling to cannabis oriented trade shows all around North America, Robert has truly developed a love and familiarity with all things cannabis and is eager to share his experience through Hi Class. 

Kevin De Sousa is an accomplished young professional with extreme business savvy. With years of experience working for a Fortune 500 company, Kevin is poised to bring his expertise to ensure a smooth day-to-day operation and customer experience. Kevin also has a background in environmental sciences, giving him a finer appreciation for the plants of this earth and his deep passion and fascination with the cannabis plant has led him to becoming an expert on its strains and effects. 

Over the years, Kevin and Robert, aside from their shared passion of playing video games together, spoke often about what their dreams were, what they wanted in life, and how they would get there. Although, as they got older the ideas may have changed slightly, one thing remained constant, they were adamant on starting a business, even if it cost them every penny they had.

With the support of friends and family, Hi Class is now a reality. Opening in the middle of a pandemic, Hi Class has started with a resilient foundation and is ready for you to join our community. Dedicated to bringing the highest quality and knowledgeable staff.

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