Everie & Autumn: CBD Spritzer Recipe with Pear & Nutmeg

This year, it felt as though when the clock struck midnight on August 31st, the glorious warmth and sunshine of summer transformed into a proverbial pumpkin. Though many of us will grieve the long-lit evenings and suntans in the park, there’s plenty to look forward to come autumn.

While you’ve been hauling out your cozy knit sweaters and retiring your flip flops to storage, we’ve been busy building recipes. We’re using Everie as the base, which is a change from the IPA’s and sours of summer.!

Everie CBD beverages were launched by Fluent Beverages earlier this year as the first non-alcohol CBD infused sparkling drink in their product line. Fluent Beverages is a Canadian-owned joint venture between two companies steeped in decades of experience in both cannabis and beverages: High Park is a developer and distributor of high-quality cannabis products, and Labatt is Canada’s well-known leading brewer. Manufactured in London, Ontario, Everie’s goal is to give consumers a reliable, quality beverage experience and diversify cannabis offerings in Canada.

For those looking to partake in CBD and explore the cannabis landscape, Everie is a great option. Touting itself as a reliable source of CBD, the 10mg infusions in Everie drinks are a solid 98% CBD with imperceptible amounts of THC (less than 0.05mg of THC per serving). 

Added bonus: you’ll be ridding yourself of extra sweetness. With a standard 12 oz. can of Coca-Cola clocking in at a whopping 39 grams of sugar per can, Everie’s lemon lime flavour used in the recipe below stands out at 11 grams. This means you won’t get that dreaded sugar crash!

The Hi-Class CBD Spritzer with Pear & Nutmeg

1 cup pear juice (our favourite is Bartlett Pear Juice from Black River, using local Niagara pears and no added sweeteners)

⅛ tsp nutmeg

1 can Everie Lemon & Lime CBD Sparkling Beverage


Place a few cubes of ice in 2 highball glasses, and pour ½ cup of pear juice into each glass. Sprinkle some nutmeg in each glass and stir well to combine. Top with Everie Lemon & Lime, garnish with a pear slice (optional) and serve immediately.

Makes 2 drinks

The zing of citrus from the lemon lime variety pairs well with the warm hit of nutmeg and juicy sweet pear.

Other flavours in the Everie lineup of sparkling beverages include Mango Passionfruit and Dragonfruit Watermelon, and they also carry CBD teas for when temperatures drop! Check our inventory at Hi-Class here

Meghan Légère

Meghan Légère

Meghan Légère is a Toronto-based freelance writer and proofreader who enjoys writing about food, wellness, and cannabis. When not writing, you can find her tending to her growing family of plants, crafting delicious misshapen pizzas, and day-dreaming about the beach.