4 Things You Should Know About Hi-Class Cannabis in Forest Hill

An independent shop succeeding during a pandemic is something to be proud of. In case you were curious- here’s some insider intel on the best cannabis dispensary in midtown Toronto. 

  1. The Founders are Good People

Hi-Class Cannabis was founded by Robert Cirasella and Kevin De Sousa, close friends since the age of 6. Yes, this duo has been kicking it together since sippy cup season- so it’s safe to say they know each other’s strengths and quirks very well.

When you enter Hi-Class, you might be greeted by Kevin or Robert themselves at the counter. Not shying away from the retail side, they take a genuine interest in knowing their clients are taken care of, and this shows in their warmth and approachability as owners. If you time it right, you may even see their family members dropping in to show their support and bring lunch to the burgeoning business. There’s a familial, friendly energy in the shop, and that’s just an extension of who Rob and Kevin are as people. If you’re looking for stuffy, corporate cannabis- this isn’t your spot!

  1. The Company has Integrity

The name ‘Hi-Class’ isn’t a misnomer, the company’s values are based on providing high-quality product and stellar service. Set aside illusions of glamorous start-ups with endless perks and luxuries- the dedication to their shop is clear in the long hours spent each day to ensure clients needs are met. With Kevin’s business expertise acquired from time spent at a Fortune 500 company and Rob’s in-depth knowledge of cannabis culture; it’s not surprising they’re thriving in the weed landscape in Toronto.  

Their honest approach to business means you get straight-forward answers to your questions about the product. Don’t expect to be upsold or misled- it’s not in their interest. They understand the value of good business practices and that’s what drives customers to return again and again.

  1. Hi-Class is Proudly Independent

Being an independent dispensary in a sea of franchises has its benefits! Decisions at Hi-Class Cannabis can be made quickly without getting bottle-necked in hierarchies, which has been vital especially in 2020. Coordinating covid-safe deliveries, extending hours to accommodate demand, and speedily restocking popular strains are all actions that require nimble business structures and quick thinking.

Hi-Class prides itself in being a local independent cannabis shop in the Eglinton West community, with the ability to stock a special list of products they feel good about selling. From small-batch producers like Broken Coast in British Columbia, to Msiku (the first brand released by the Indigenous Mi’kmaq tribe in Nova Scotia), Hi-Class carefully curates its offerings and is able to carry products to satisfy their clientele’s appetite for mindful cannabis consumption.  

  1. You’ll Leave Having Learned Something New

If you’re new to the legal marijuana scene and looking for guidance, Hi-Class welcomes you with open arms and zero judgement. Kevin and Rob bring together years of knowledge from both the cannabis industry and environmental sciences; so you’ll leave the shop feeling confident in your purchases.You won’t be rushed to make a decision on what suits you best, and always encouraged to browse until you find what feels right for you. Just like craft beer hosts endless variations of hops, malt, and flavour notes; the complexities of the cannabis plant run deep as well.

Products are government regulated and tested in professional labs to ensure all Canadians are receiving the highest grade, quality flower. Regardless of whether you’re a novice or a seasoned consumer, Hi-Class is excited to share their deep fascination with the cannabis plant with you.

Meghan Légère

Meghan Légère

Meghan Légère is a Toronto-based freelance writer and proofreader who enjoys writing about food, wellness, and cannabis. When not writing, you can find her tending to her growing family of plants, crafting delicious misshapen pizzas, and day-dreaming about the beach.